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The Tree Of Life Pt1

Once Upon A Time There Was A Child Named Bandi. Bandi Loved Playing In The Woods.

One Day Bandi Said “Come On It Won’t Hurt” ‘But It Will” Dandi Replied

“Stop Being Such A -” Bandi Said “A What ” Dandi Replied

A Beam Of Light Shined On Them . “Are They Alive” Said A Gremlin Like Voice As Bandi Awoke

“Aaaaah” Bandi Exclaimed ,The Sudden Scream Awoke Dandi As Well “You Owe Me Five Bucks ” Said Another Voice

“What The” Bandi Asked As His Arm Took A Strange Hairy Brown Look , Bandi Said “Who Are You Where Are We”

“I Am Coconutz ,We As A Collective Group Are Kakamora ” Coconutz Said “You Mean The Things From Moana ” Dandi Said

“And You Are At The Tree Of Life ” Coconutz Said , “What Are We Turning Into” “A Kakamora ” Replied Coconutz “Wish I Could Slap You But I”m Tied Up”

Bandi Says As His Starts Extending To Slap Him

, The Kakamora Start Bowing Down To Me And Dandi

“What Are You Doing” Dandi Yelled

The Kakamora Start Clamoring About What They Were Doing

“I Don’t Mean Literally You Dense Cabbages ” Dandi Yelled

“Um Bro We Should Not Anger Them ”

“Prophecy” The Kakamora Start Soullessly Moaning



To Be Continued –








Oh And I Had A Ok Week

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