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The Tree Of Life Pt2

“What Are They Saying” Bandi Says

“Prophecy” Dandi Replied

And At The Tip Of A Gold Finger

They Were Now Cocobandi And Cocodandi

“Stop” Cocobandi Said

They Started Looking Tranced As If Something Had Stunned Them

“I Wish I Never Came” Cocodandi Says

He Sees A Flashback On What Would Happen If They Had Not Come

To The Tree
Bandi’s Mom Yells “Get Inside” “Ok” Dandi Says

A Kakamora Comes Out Of Hiding And Yelled “Attack!!”

They Got Swarmed As If They Had The Last Dorito Bag In The World



“Oh” Cocodandi Says “What Did You See” Cocobandi







To Be Continued-

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