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The Tree Of Life Pt.3

As Cocobandi Woke Up He Found Another Figure That Looked Like Him In Silhouette “Here” The Figure Said As He Handed Cocobandi A Mask
Cocobandi Grunted As He Elbowed Cocodandi “Huh ” Cocodandi Asked

They Took The Masks And Put Them On “It’s Red” Cocobandi Said “It’s Green” Cocodandi Said

“I Love It” They Said In Unison

“Hi I’m Purpel” Purpel Said Brightly “Are You One Of The Prophecy Freaks” Cocodandi Asked Menacingly

“No But You’ve Heard As Well?” Purpel Asked “Yep” Cocobandi Replied

“Then You’ve Heard Of This” He Said As He Handed Them A Scroll

It Read

“The Five Who Shall Come Forth

To Save Our Seed Of Life From
The Terrible Demon

Of Doom

The Five Will Destroy The Demon’s
Puzzles ,The Names Will

Be Written Forth

Cocobandi Cocodandi

Purpel Zapp


“Huh There’s A Name Missing”

Purpel Said As His Eyes Turned White
“Woah” Cocodandi Said

The Scroll Floated To Puprel’s Hands Again

“So Where Is Zapp” Purpel


To Be Continued –

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