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Tree Of Life Pt7

They Started To Get Tired As Mel Said “Ooh Shiny Portal” They Said With Glee.

They Had Almost Hopped In As A Blob Flew Out.
Cocobandi Ran Up And Said “Hi?” “Hello” The Blob Replied

” Hi I’m Riftz ” Said Riftz

“So Where Are You From”  Cocobandi Said

“Efil Fo Eert” Riftz Said

“I’m Like The Doctor” Riftz Said “Which Type ” Cocobandi Replied

“Time N Space” Riftz Said Already Getting Tired

“Who Does That?” Cocobandi Asked

“The Doctor , The First One”

Riftz Said Trying To Play Around Any Jokes

“Doctor Who?” Cocobandi Asked

“YES!!!” Riftz Said Happy That He Got It Right

” Intermisson”
Winged Pizza
We Go To Great Heights To Bring You Pizza

“Another Ad (Cue The Booing)

Pvz Galaxy

Coming Out

September 5

“And We’re Back (Cue The Cheering)

“Hello I’m -T O B E C O N T I N U E D

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