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The Final Countdown

After A Long Montage Of Collecting A Team, A Hexagon Shaped Hole Appeared And Out Came A Demon. “Oh God,Even I Didn’t See That Coming” Riftz Said ,But Before Another Word Came Out Anyone’s Mouth Kobolds Walked Single File And Went And Did A Synchronized Kick,And Walked Away

. Purpel Threw A Truss, An Octopus , A Bottle Of Cheese , Some Sinks And A Puddle Slime

And It Hit The Demon Causing The Gem He Ate For Lunch With His Doritos And Mountain Dew


Tired Of Shooting Peas

N Using Cheese, Well It’s Time For A Different Experience ,With Bombloom B.A.B Turnit N A Speical Guest ,Who’s Been Held Hostage By Imps But You Can Help(Over)

To Explode The World At The Amount Of 20,000 Nuclear Bombs

And Cocobandi Said With His Last Breath “See You In The Next Life,Because Anyone Is Our Last Hope”


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